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*There will always be a 30 minute break in 
between clients. We don't want anyone to 
feel rushed in or out, and want to be able 
to catch up on your Medical Updates and 
any other updates that you want us to 

*If you book a 60 minute service, then
you receive 60 minutes. We don't believe in 
ending 5 or 10 minutes early to rush the 
next client in. (See above!)

*All massage and facial services are 

priced based on time. There will be no extra

charge for Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stones,

Glycolic Treatments, Reflexology, China Gel pain relief

application, Aromatherapy or Hot Towels.

*You will always receive a customized 
service focusing on your specific needs. We 
want to concentrate on what your problems 
or goals are. If you just want to 
concentrate on back and shoulders or feet 
and scalp, we will do so. It's your therapy 
and your time.

*Me and my other therapists have about 84 years 
experience between us as Licensed 
Massage Therapists! Did you know that in 
the State of Florida, the Massage License is 
issued under the Department of Health, 
Division of Medical Quality Assurance? Yes, 
it is a Medical License. We have the same 
Anatomy and Physiology training and 
Continuing Education hours as a Nurse.

*You will always be covered for comfort 
and privacy. According to Florida Law, it is 
called "draping" and you will always be 
draped during your service.

*You will never be asked to sign a contract 
or be charged a membership fee. You will 
come for appointments as needed or at 
your discretion (with our recommendations 
of course). We do offer discounts if you purchase 

multiple appointments in advance. Purchase

directly from your therapist to be redeemed

by them only.

*You will not be asked to buy products at 
the end of a service. We need the freedom 
to experiment with new skin care/massage 
creams and lotions instead of being stuck 
with just one label or brand. So please enjoy

your service!

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