Pain meds are NOT always the answer

If you are experiencing back pain, do yourself a favor and try alternate methods first before you start in on pain medications. Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy are some methods that have helped people rise above the cycle of pain that they find themselves in. Pain affects you mentally as well and can bring on depression which is a contributing factor to self medicate. There are also topical pain relievers such as China Gel, Arnica, Sombra, Biofreeze and Icy Hot to try before you decide to go the route of pain medications.

You might have heard that we are having a huge opioid epidemic in this country. Doctors are taught to pass out pills for every ailment, especially back pain. Then, after you become dependent on these painkillers, it is really difficult to get more prescriptions filled. That is when people start to turn to street drugs such as heroin and the 50 times more powerful fentanyl & carfentanil. It has become such a danger that not only police and paramedics are having special classes to become more aware of their own personal safety, but medical examiners and funeral home workers are also having to become more aware. There is a huge danger to the personnel that are trying to save your life or are trying to move your deceased body if there are loose, high potency street drugs on you or near you.

Please don't get caught up in the cycle of pain killers without trying every thing else you can think of first. Believe me, the pharmaceutical companies don't care about you, they are just trying to make their stockholders rich.