Why your Grandparent needs Massage Therapy

Grandpa's Hands

You may wonder why senior citizens need Massage Therapy. I will give you a few reasons why. If they live far away from their family and perhaps their spouse has passed away, means that they aren't being touched. At all. No hugs, no back pats, no hand holding. It gets really lonely after friends are gone and maybe they live in an isolated situation.

A gentle touch massage can release endorphins and help ease aches and pains. Senior skin is more delicate, especially if on a blood thinner. There might be some arthritis in the joints which can be quite painful. A skilled Licensed Massage Therapist will know how to use light yet effective pressure and plenty of massage cream to glide over easily bruised skin. Seniors come to enjoy their special treatments and it is also very good for their state of mind. Massage Therapy will help combat depression and anxiety.

Think about giving a Gift of Massage to one of your favorite seniors. You will be giving a gift of healing touch.